Brownies and Beer is a recipe timeline of life. We celebrate so many big and little life events with food, that it becomes easy to remember events by what we ate. From the mundane to the once in a lifetime, this blog highlights recipes for delicious foods, kitchen experiments I hope turn out, and cooking cheats that make up our daily lives.

What makes Brownies and Beer unique is that no food or picture is ever made for the purpose of the blog. All images and recipes capture what we cook and eat in real life. Pictures will never seem posed, because my stomach would organize a coup if I let warm food get cold for the sake of the perfect shot.  In honesty, I like to cook and I like to eat. Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures in-between.

While I try to post daily, there will often be days I am unable to post or a few days in a row. The down time could be because I am repeating recipes already posted, or cooking is not happening due to the terrible summer heat! There is often a delay of a few days between when I make the recipe and when I am able to post it here. If you would like a preview of what posts will be coming up, follow me on Instagram: Brownies_n_Beer