I was raised in the kitchen, and have the photos to prove it. Coming from a long line of home cooks, it is in my blood to experiment in the kitchen. When I am not working, you can often find me around the house cooking, baking, canning, messing around in the garden, or simply drinking a beer with my feet up on the coffee table. My husband also joins me often in the kitchen and has become the official man of the grill, experimenting with smokers and grinding his own meat mixtures. Our dog, Louis, is the official taste tester and kitchen moocher.

Right now, I am a northern girl living in the south.  I can’t say a believable ya’ll, but am doing my best to learn the food heritage of the region and combine it with the recipes of my childhood. I am also being forced to learn how to make different types of food that aren’t available locally.

My best friend helped me to name this blog and is who pushed me to even start this blog. I am forever grateful to her, because I find it incredibly fun to share my recipes and cooking journey with all of you!

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