Late Summer Nachos

I almost wanted to call these harvest nachos, but with it still being summer it didn’t quite feel accurate. These nachos are made with all locally harvest and prepared vegetables, and the combination of fresh and seasonal just made the flavors pop! If you ever have leftover grilled corn, I highly recommend making nachos with it!

RECIPE: Late Summer Nachos
Makes 2 Meal Servings

Cutting Board
Oven set to 375 degrees
Baking Sheet

Tortilla Chips
Pepper Jack Cheese
Orange Tomato
Banana Peppers
Grilled Corn
Lemonade (optional)

1) Lay out a single layer of tortilla chips on a baking sheet. We had one bag that was almost empty and used maybe a 1/4 of the second bag. DSCF4811

2) Shred 4 ounces or half a block of pepper jack cheese. Sprinkle it evenly across the chips, but try not to let any lay just on the baking sheet.
4) Chop the banana peppers into rings. I like a bit thicker ring because I think it makes for a better bite, but if spicy isn’t your thing than go for thinner slices.
5) Cut the tomato into bite size chunks.
6) Distribute the peppers and tomatoes across the chips.
7) Husk the grilled corn and then carefully use a knife to cut off the kernels. Break up the kernels and sprinkle over the chips. 
8) Back in the 375 degree oven until the cheese is melted and just starting to brown.
9) Serve with the salsa of your choice. I went with the jalapeno salsa that I had canned last month.

These nachos are not only delicious, but colorful! I enjoyed the contract between the red salsa, the orange tomatoes, the green banana peppers, and the yellow corn. It really made the whole dish feel festive! Also, these meal goes really well with some nice cold lemonade!

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