Canned Tomato Puree

I love tomatoes. Last year was terrible for tomatoes. We had the worst weather patterns and just enough hail storms to completely wreck all the tomato plants in the region. The sad result was that I was unable to can any tomatoes last year! I had to…sob…buy canned tomatoes at the store!

Fortunately, this year has been great for tomatoes and I have made friends with one of the local farms. The result is lots of tomatoes and tomato seconds. Below is my recipe for tomato puree! I use this recipe to make sauces, soups, stews, and much more all winter long.

RECIPE: Tomato Puree
Makes 17 Quarts 

Cutting Board
3 large pots
Pot Holders (lots)
Foley Food Mill
Large bowl

A whole mess of Tomatoes
Lemon Juice

1) Wash the tomatoes and cut them in half or quarters before dropping in two large pots on the stove. You will need to do multiple batches on the stove because there will be more tomatoes then pot space.
2) Cover and simmer on medium/ medium low heat while stirring occasionally.
3) When the tomatoes are soft and mushy, place the food mill over a third large pot.
4) Scoop tomatoes into the food mill and process. All the good tomato should easily get pushed into the pot below leaving just the skins and seeds in the food mill.
5) Bring the large pot to a boil, stirring to prevent sticking on the bottom.

6) Let the large pot reduce just a bit as it boils.
7) Sanitize the quart jars and prepare all your canning materials.
8) Place a tablespoon of lemon juice into each quart jar.
9) Ladle the tomato puree into each jar, leaving a 1/2 inch head space at the top.
10) Place the lid and the ring on each jar.
11) Process in a water bath canner for 45 minutes.
12) Remove from the canner and let sit on a flat surface until cool.
13) Listen for the wonderful popping noise of each can sealing.
14) Once cooled, (I usually wait till the next day) check the seal on each jar before removing the rings. Label with date or year with permanent marker and store in a cool dark place. DSCF4734

2 thoughts on “Canned Tomato Puree

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! A lot of slow cooker recipes call for tomato puree, and I hate using the canned stuff. And since I’ve also wanted to try and make home made pizza, I am looking forward to trying this recipe!


    1. This puree is definitely thinner that the canned stuff, but I think its more flavorful and healthier! If you need a good dough recipe for your homemade pizza, be sure to check out my sourdough crust recipe!


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