Easy French Toast

My husband pointed out to me the other morning that it has been a long long time since we had french toast for breakfast. So I figured why not whip up a batch of my super quick and easy french toast. This recipe is not the paradigm of french toast, for that I would need a good loaf of challah, but it is easy to make with whatever is lying around the house.

RECIPE: Easy French Toast
Makes 2 Servings

Baking Dish or Bowl

All Spice
Powdered Sugar

In a baking dish or bowl, beat together the two eggs with a heavy splash of milk.
2) Season the mixture with lots of cinnamon and allspice.
3) Begin heating a cast iron pan on the stove.
4) Drop a slice of bread into the mixture letting it soak up all the goodness, and then flip and let it soak a bit more.

5) Move the slice to the hot pan.
6) When it begins to brown on one side, flip it with the spatula and cook on the other.
7) Cut up the strawberries into some nice pretty attempted roses after coring them. Then give up and just do fanned slices.
8) My husband is a fan of french toast with syrup, while I much prefer it with powdered sugar. I am not saying he’s wrong, but syrup should be reserved for pancakes and waffles! DSCF4664

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