Good Morning Sausage

I enjoy having a meal where everything is from scratch. Since I’m not quite to the point of making my own bacon, I thought I would start with some homemade sausage. This recipe was so much better than my last attempt. I froze it in rolls so I can slice it into patties, or thaw it and hand form patties.

RECIPE: Good Morning Sausage
Makes over 3 Lbs

Cutting Board
Wax Paper

3 Lbs Pork Butt
1 Small Onion
3/4 Tablespoon Salt
2 teaspoons dried sage
1 teaspoons Spicy Mustard
Black Pepper
1/4 Maple Syrup
2 Tablespoons Milk

Chop the 3 lbs pork butt up into cubes, and freeze for a bit to firm it up.
2) Roughly chop the onion.
3) Alternate the onion and pork butt in the grinder until you have a mixture of both.
4) Add the milk, syrup, and seasoning over the meat.
5) Use your hands to mix everything.
6) Put all the mixture through the grinder again so that the spices mix equally throughout.
7) Dived the sausage into four parts, wrapping each part in wax paper so that its a log.
8) Freeze the logs in the freezer.
9) Or grab some meat and form patties and drop it in the pan.

The patties were delicious and will go great with pretty much anything.

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