Always a Second Helping Potatoes

I have two recipes that I really follow for my mashed potatoes. One is my garlic potatoes that I do on holidays, and then this recipe. I like to call it my Always a Second Helping Potatoes, because everyone always takes seconds and even thirds of them. I am always asked what makes them so tasty, so I thought I would share my recipe.

These potatoes go really well with grilled chicken and dilly beans, which is what I made for dinner to go with them.

RECIPE: Always a Second Helping Potatoes
Serves 3 

Cutting Board
Potato Masher

6 Average Potatoes
Black Pepper

For the chicken rub: paprika, chili powder, onion garlic, onion powder, and salt.

Wash the potatoes and place them on a cutting board.
2) Cut the potatoes into decent sized chunks with the skins still on.
3) Place the potatoes in a pot and then add water so that all the potatoes are just covered. DSCF4508
4) Turn the burner to medium high and let the water come to a low boil.
5) The potatoes will be done when you can use the side of a spoon to cut them in half with no effort or they just crumble a bit under the pressure of the back of the spoon when pushed against the side of the pan. DSCF4511
6) Turn off the burner and drain almost all the water off the potatoes. I leave a little bit of water in the bottom of the pan for the starch and cause when you return it to the burner it will generate a bit of steam and keep everything warm.
7) Place the pot back on the off but still warm burner.
8) Add a dollop of butter to the pot and sprinkle the tarragon straight onto the butter.
9) Let the butter melt a bit, and then begin mashing it into the potatoes.
10) Once the potatoes are all mashed, stir and slowly add milk until the perfect thick but creamy texture is formed.
11) Finish off with a bit of black pepper, one more quick stir, and then serve!


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