Fresh Zoodles

With all the zucchini in season, I can’t pass up the chance to make some zoodles! With how fresh and delicious they are, there is nothing worse then dousing it into a heavy sauce. So I went out to the garden and picked some basil and made this delicious zoodle dinner.

RECIPE: Fresh Zoodles
Makes 3 Servings

Cast iron pan
Cutting Board

Green Onion
Avocado Oil

In a pan, begin warming a bit of avocado oil.
2) Finely chop up several garlic cloves and one or two large green onions and begin to saute in the oil.

3) Use the spiralizer to make the zucchinis into zoodles!
4) Toss the zucchinis into the pan and stir it with a spoon as it cooks and takes on the garlic taste.
5) Chop up lots of freshly picked basil and stir into the noodles!
6) Serve as is or with a bit of parmesian on top if desired. DSCF4466

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