Green Cream Pasta Dinner

My favorite father in law came to visit the other weekend! We had lots of good food while he was here, but this was a dinner I had a little too much fun experimenting with. I call it green cream sauce, because it is a mix of different green vegetables made into a thick cream sauce for on top of pasta! The chicken would probably be great cut up into the sauce, but I was getting hungry and just wanted to eat!

RECIPE: Green Cream Pasta Dinner
Makes 3 Servings

Cast iron pans
Oven heated to 375
Baking Sheet
Meat Thermometer

Angel hair pasta
Italian bread dough
Garlic Oil
Parmesan Cheese
Green Onions
Green Tomatoes
Cream Cheese
Skim Milk
Chicken Thighs or Breast
Butter (for table)

1) In a hot cast iron pan, sear chicken breasts on one side, flip, season with salt and pepper, and then stick it in the oven.
2) Chop up lots of chard, a few green onions, a large green tomato, a handful of garlic cloves.
3) Slowly cook together all of the vegetables on a low temperature.
4) Take the bread dough and shape it into lots of long skinny bread sticks.
5) Brush the bread sticks with garlic oil and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before placing in the oven to bake (10 minutes).
6) Boil a pot of water and cook the pasta as directed.

DSCF42867) Break apart the cream cheese and add it to the vegetables. Pour in some skim milk to help thin it out and melt.
8) Stir the cream sauce and vegetables.
9) Remove the chicken after it the meat thermometer tells you it has reached the all clear level of heat (165 degrees)!
10) Pour the chicken juice in the pan into the pasta sauce and stir.
11) Drain the pasta and serve topped with sauce and a chicken breast/thigh on the side. Place a bowl of bread sticks and spreadable butter on the table as well.



All the fresh green vegetables helped to make the thick cream sauce feel light and fresh, which is hard to do! This meal is perfect for the end of a busy day, where you just want to reach a comfy level of full and then watch Spaceballs on the couch.


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