Tortilla Pizzas

I’m sure it happens to everyone, but I am absolutely out of white flour. I could attempt to make a pizza crust using only whole wheat or rye flour, but I am also feeling a little too lazy to experiment. The result is tortilla pizzas!

RECIPE: Tortilla Pizzas
Makes 4 Servings

Cutting Board
Baking Sheet
Oven heated to 375
Cast iron pan
Cheese Grater

1 Italian Sausage
Tomato Paste
Diced Tomatoes
Garlic Powder
Hot Peppers
Half an Onion

1) In a cast iron pan, begin cooking the Italian sausage. Use your spatula to break it apart as its cooking.
2) Pour some of the juice from the hot peppers over the cooking sausage.
3) When the sausage is done, remove it from the pan and put it aside in a bowl.

4) Add diced peppers and tomato paste to the pan. Let is absorb all the leftover flavors.
5) Season the tomato sauce with oregano, basil, rosemary, and garlic powder. Let cook.
6) Chop an onion and shred mozzarella cheese.
7) Place tortillas on a baking sheet and layer with tomato sauce, cheese, onion, pepper, and sausage. dscf0885
8) Bake at 375 until the cheese melts and the tortillas crisp into a nice crust.
9) You can serve as is, or cut it into pizza slices. dscf0889

You can bake them longer until the cheese browns, but we were hungry!

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