Apple up to the Bar Burger and chips

We are having too much fun making burgers. Actually, that’s not true. We could be doing a lot crazier things then what we are currently doing. This recipe comes with homemade potato chips, mostly cause I was craving chips, and partially cause I wanted to break in our mandoline. That thing is fun! We made more apple than just went on the burger, but ate it all before dinner because yum!

RECIPE: Apple up to the Bar Burger and Chips 
Makes 2 Servings

Cast Iron Pan
Slotted Spatula
Cutting Board
Apple Corer

Potato (only ended up using 1)
Malt Vinegar
Hamburger Buns
Galena Street Rub
Crushed Red Pepper
American Cheese Slices
Avocado Oil

1) Form the beef into patties. My husband was feeling super lazy, so the meat wasn’t ground again or mixed with anything.
2) Fire up the grill. Heat avocado oil on medium in a cast iron pan.
3) Core the apples and then slice them. Season both sides lightly with galena street rub.
4) Season the beef patties with sage, black pepper, a pinch of salt, paprika, and crushed red pepper.
5) Grill the beef patties and the apple slices. Let the buns toast on the grill as well.

6) Use the mandoline to thinly cut up the potato. Place the pieces of potato in the hot oil. Watch them and flip them and remove before they burn! You want them to be crispy, but not charred. The line between the two is not long at all.
7) Melt the cheese slices on the burgers right before removing from the grill.
8) Serve the chips and then sprinkle with malt vinegar and a dusting of salt.
9) Assemble and place the burger in the basket with the chips!dscf0804

If you want more chips, you just need to slice up more potatoes. We figured a taste of chips was better than eating too many.

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