Fully Loaded Fries: Smoked BBQ Chicken

You remember those smoked chicken breast we did the other night? Well, here is what we did with one of the leftover breasts for lunch one day. Garbage fries have been one of my favorites ever since college. We used to always hit up street festivals and fairs for this treat on our way to the beach, and then we started making them for our recovering from the week weekend food. Here is smoked chicken variation that belongs in its own gastro pub!

RECIPE: Fully Loaded Fries 
Makes 2 Servings 

Cast Iron Pans
Cutting Board

Smoked Chicken Breast
2 Potatoes
Avocado Oil
Old Hickory BBQ Sauce
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Malt Vinegar
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper


Rip all the chicken from the bones using your bare hands cause your too lazy to wash the claws again.
2) Place the chicken in a warm cast iron pan and pour old hickory bbq sauce over the entire thing. Stir well and left it heat.
3) Slice up two potatoes. Heat up a tablespoon or so of avocado oil in a cast iron pan. Toss in the potatoes and stir to coat evenly.
4) Let the potatoes cook, stirring only occasionally.
5) Chop up the pickles and thinly slice some extra sharp cheddar cheese.
6) Add a little malt vinegar, garlic powder, black pepper, and salt to the potatoes. Stir and left finish cooking.
7) Serve the potatoes first, then top with the shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, and pickles.

While this makes two servings, there really is never enough. These are just so tasty! dscf0571

4 thoughts on “Fully Loaded Fries: Smoked BBQ Chicken

  1. Looks delicious! I will try this recipe, but I think I will make a cheddar cheese sauce, instead of the slices. mmmm – cheesy fries & smoked chicken


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