Latkes and Soup

I always love when Hanukkah and Christmas overlap! There is something so magical about eating latkes in front of a glowing Christmas tree. This year I hosted a Hanukkah party with friends who had never celebrated before. To top off the evening, was a cream of veggie soup and a whole platter of latkes! Here is my recipe for crispy wonderful latkes that become perfect when you top with applesauce.

I apologize for the lack of final pictures. Everyone started arriving while I was still cooking, and pictures didn’t happen. I can promise the final results were amazing.

Latkes and Creamy Vegetable Soup
Makes 5 Servings

SUPPLIES NEEDED:dscf0271dscf0269
Cutting Board
Baking Sheet
slotted spoon
Immersion Blender
Oven heated to 375 degrees

Frozen French Onion Soup
Evaporated Milk
12 Potatoes
4 Eggs
4 T Baking Powder
1/2 C Flour
4 t Garlic Powder
Vegetable Oil
Apple Sauce

  Break up broccoli and cauliflower into smaller pieces. Toss into a baking dish or a cast iron pan. Put in the heated oven for 45 minutes.
2) Thaw french onion soup in a pot.
3) Begin grating potatoes and put the grated potatoes into two large bowls.
4) Begin heating oil over medium heat in a pan.
5) In each bowl, add 2 eggs, 2 T baking powder,  1/4 cup of flour, a pinch of salt, and 2 t of garlic powder. Mix it all together by hand. dscf0278
6) Using your hands, grab a handful of the potato mixture, squeezing out excess liquid, and drop it into the pan. Let it brown on one side before flipping it.
7) As the latkes finish frying, slide them onto a baking sheet.
8) Remove the roasted vegetables from the oven and add them to the onion soup on the stove. Let simmer until every thing is a bit mushy.
dscf02759) Use an immersion blender to cream the vegetables and mix in a can of evaporated milk or cream if you have it. Season as desired if you wish.
10) Slide the pan of latkes in the oven to keep warm, but turn the oven off so it doesn’t burn them.
11) Continue frying latkes, because this is a lot of potato to get through.
12) Serve latkes with a quart of apple sauce. The entire quart disappeared throughout the course of the evening, and I almost had to open a second one. dscf0279

The platter of latkes was piled high and they went fast! There was only a few left over at the end. The leftover latkes are useful in a lot of ways, but mostly eaten as is!

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