Pork, Apple, and Spaetzle

We have been grilling apples all week, so I decided to change it up a little bit. Apples and pork are a great combination. Pork chops and apple sauce are one of my favorites, so I used it for my inspiration to make this dish!


RECIPE: Pork, Apple, and Spaetzle
Makes 2 Servings 

Cast iron pan
Pan or pot
Cutting Boards
Cooking Fork
Meat thermometer

Pork Loin
2 Apples

Slice the pork loin to the thickness you desire. As you can tell, his slice is thicker than mine, so it went on the hotter part of the pan.
2) After you have the pork seared off, lower the heat and add a big handful of cranberries to the pan. They will cook with the pork and the tart juices flavor the meat.
3) Heat water in another pan/pot and cook the spaetzle as directed on the bag.
4) Sprinkle the pork with a touch of rosemary.
5) Dice the apples, add them over and around the pork. Cover and let it all cook and steam together.
0066) Drain the spaetzle, add butter to the pan. Stir the spaetzle into the melted butter.
7) Dice the garlic and parsley and stir it into the spaetzle.
8) Check the temperature of the pork and give the apples a stir. When it hits above 140 its time to serve!


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