Hi Everyone,

Life has gotten crazy. Between moving and our wedding coming up in less than a month, I have not had a chance to write new posts for you!

I will be back before Christmas with lots of cookies and other festive recipes! Don’t forget to check back mid December for new posts.

Until then, enjoy the backlog of recipes!


Roast Beef Panini

I apologize for the delay in posts, caught my fiance’s cold and it has put me way behind on writing and cooking. I wish I had pictures from the all meals he has been cooking while I was sick. From curry chicken to Nutella milk shakes, he has taken over my kitchen.

RECIPE: Roast Beef Panini
Makes 2 Servings

SUPPLIES NEEDED:2016-10-16-11-45-26
Panini Press
Cutting Board

Roast Beef
Cheddar Cheese
Country White Bread
Horseradish Sauce
Worcester Sauce
Chili Powder

Thinly cut the roast beef, slice four slices of bread, and cut some cheddar cheese.
2) In a bowl, mix together the horseradish sauce, Worcester sauce, ketchup, chili powder, and oregano into a version of Russian dressing.
3) Butter the outside of the bread.
4) Layer bottom bread, roast beef, dressing, cheese, and then bread.
5) Panini press the sandwiches until nicely browned and the cheese is melted.

Roast Beef

I’m Back!

I have to apologize for my lack of posts over the last two weeks! I have been sick and then I was unable to commandeer my kitchen back. My fiance has been cooking for us, and while all of his food is delicious, he isn’t as good about taking pictures. For this post, I actually just took pictures of him cooking.

This post is due to our love of sandwiches! Rather than buy lunch meats, its more fun to make the meat from scratch for the filling. My fiance made this roast beef. He likes to coat it in a crust, slow cook it, and then grill it for some nice sear marks. The result is amazing and the meat just melts apart in your mouth.

RECIPE: Roast Beef
Makes Many Servings 

SUPPLIES NEEDED:2016-10-15-13-59-38
Sauce Pan
Dutch Oven
Meat thermometer

Chuck Roast
Brown Sugar

In a sauce pan, add a scoop of brown sugar, a tablespoon of sugar, three cloves of garlic, a dash of oregano and tarragon.

2) Stir and cook on low until a nice sauce comes together.
3) In a dutch oven, place chuck roast and coat in the brown sugar sauce using a spoon or brush.

4) Cook at 250 degrees for several hours until interior temperature reaches the safe zone.
5) Grill the chuck roast to create a nice sear on the outside.
6) Let rest and then slice and enjoy! 2016-10-15-19-41-35