Cider Chili Dogs

I read an article about a winery that paired Riesling wines with loaded hot dogs. We decided that was enough of an excuse to make amazing chili dogs and for me to drink a nice bottle of wine! Okay, I like any excuse to drink a nice Riesling, but homemade chili dogs also are always fun.

RECIPE: Cider Chili Dogs
Makes 4 Servings

SUPPLIES NEEDED:2016-10-15-13-23-26-2
Cutting Board

Hot Dogs
2 Bottles Hard Cider
Tomato Paste
Cherry Tomatoes
Ground Beef
Chili Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Cheddar Cheese
Hot Dog Buns

Chop 3 cloves of garlic and a medium onion. Toss into a pot with 2 bottles of hard cider.
2) Cut the ends of the hot dog in an x pattern and drop into the pot.
3) Slowly simmer for a few hours.

4) Remove hot dogs from cider and put on a plate in the fridge.
5) Begin to boil off cider, leaving the onions, garlic, and a bit of liquid. Add 8 oz of ground beef, letting it cook in the cider mixture.
6) Add sliced cherry tomatoes, tomato paste, chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, and cumin.

7) Stir and cook until a nice thick delicious chili.
8) Slice extra sharp cheddar cheese nice and thin.
9) Cook hot dogs and toast buns on a hot grill.
10) Lay cheddar cheese on the toasted buns and then top with a hot dog.
11) Spoon the chili over the hot dogs and serve with a nice glass of wine.

There will be extra chili and hot dogs to enjoy for lunches for the week!

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