New and Improved Buffalo Chicken Dip

I know buffalo chicken dip is one of those ubiquitous foods that you find everywhere, but its also one of my fiance’s favorite cheat meals. Last time I tried this recipe, it came out pretty good. But I am firm believer that good can always be better.  This not only changed some ingredients, but also brought in a new tool: potato masher!

RECIPE: New and Improved Buffalo Chicken Dip
Makes 5 Dinner Servings

Cast Iron Pot
Oven set to Broil
Cheese Grater
Potato Masher

2 Cans Shredded Chicken
1 Cup Hot Sauce
1/2 Block Cheddar Cheese
1/2 Block Pepper Jack Cheese
1 Block Cream Cheese

In a pot, add two cans of shredded chicken that have been drained. Sprinkle heavily with parsley.
2) Use the potato masher to really pulverize that chicken down to shredded little bits.
3) Over low heat, begin to stir in the cream cheese and the cup of hot sauce.
4) Shred the pepper jack and cheddar cheese, adding 75% of the shredded cheese into the pot.
5) Smooth out the dip, sprinkle with the rest of the cheese, and broil until the top begins to bubble and brown.


Serve hot with chips, crackers, sliced bread, or pita! I think the pepper jack cheese and parsley really improved this recipe. The potato masher really gives the chicken a more uniformed texture through the whole dip, which makes it much easier to eat!

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