Apple of My Eye Burger

My fiance is a master of burgers. When we brainstorm, the result is always delicious. After a long day, it was amazing to come home to these Apple of My Eye Burgers. With cinnamon ground straight into the meat, the flavor on this burger is unbelievable. The grilled apple and sharp cheese means these burgers don’t need any other condiment. I hope that you try these because they are absolutely amazing. We will be grilling these up again come the fall harvest!


RECIPE: Apple of My Eye Burger 
Makes 4 Servings 

SUPPLIES NEEDED:burger apple.jpg
Cutting Board
Meat Grinder

Fuji Apples
Beef Roast
Extra Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar

1) Grind beef and bacon into seperate bowls and then mix together.
2) Add cinnamon to bowl and toss to coat the mixture. It was 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon.
3) Regrind all the meat together so that the bacon, beef, and cinnamon become evenly incorporated.
4) Form patties.
5) Slice an apple into decent sized slices. Wrap slices in foil which will allow them to steam on the grill in their own juices.
6) Throw patties and foil of apples onto the grill. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the burgers right before they hit the grill, and again right before you flip.
7) Add cheddar to patties and let it melt. Toast your buns at the same time.
8) Serve patties on toasted bun topped with two slices of apple.

Serve with grilled corn and summer cucumber salad.

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