Takes Two to Mango Burger

We had company over for dinner last night so it was burger time! We decided to skip the condiments and cheese, and just top a burger with something so filled with flavor and perfect that it would stand on its own bun as something glorious. I am very proud to say that we succeeded with this burger. Serve it with grilled corn, because if you aren’t grilling corn right now you are just living life wrong.

The pairing of mango and jalapeno makes this burger perfect. Either ingredient by itself is not sufficient, but as they say…it takes two to… mango.

RECIPE: Takes Two to Mango Burger
Makes 4 Burgers 

Cutting Board

Beef Roast


1) Cube the beef roast and throw it in the freezer until mostly frozen.
2) Double grind the beef roast and bacon together and form into patties.
3) Slice mango and jalapenos in half (leave the seeds!) and wrap in foil.
4) Throw burgers and foil packets on a hot grill.
5) Serve as meet patty, jalapeno, mango, top bun, and then squish down.
IMG_1604Note, if your friends down want mango and jalapeno because they aren’t cool. You can top their burger with ketchup and sriracha for a twist on a classic american style burger.

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