Late Night Egg Snack

When you are running around all day, sometimes you get very snacky at the end of the day. While eating cheese puffs or chips is very tempting, I decided something a little healthier would be better. I was thinking, what can I make that contains protein, fat, and carbohydrate to make a well rounded late night snack. (I leave out vegetables right before bed cause I’m weird like that). The result is below!

RECIPE: Late Night Egg Snack
Makes 2 Servings

Cast Iron Pan

Pepper Jack Cheese
Avocado Oil

1) Heat cast iron pan with a bit of avocado oil.
2) Grill the tortillas on both sides until lightly browned and mildly crispy.
3) Crumble cheese over warm tortillas.
4) In hot pan, crack open two eggs. When about cooked through on one side, flip and then turn off the heat.
5) Serve the fried eggs over the cheese. Crack the yolk with a fork and sprinkle with a touch of salt.

You can eat this with a fork, or pick up the tortilla and eat it as you walk to bed (or walk the dog outside).

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