Oops… Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

Maybe I should have title this volcano cake. Whatever I call it, it is a complete and horrible mess. You may be asking why I am sharing these pictures, but not the recipe.


One, the recipe was not my best. The ratios weren’t quite right. The chocolate cake was actually pretty good, but I know I can do better. The frosting can not be called frosting in any way. When I sliced the cake, the strawberry frosting literally exploded out of the top crater and covered the counter, and cabinets, and floor. The only good thing is that it soaked into the cake making it edible enough to not have to toss it out. IMG_0935

Two, I am not a professional, I am a home experimenter. I would say I’m lucky in that 99% of my throw it together recipes come out well. The 1% that are complete disasters just never get seen by anyone that isn’t me or my fiance. But they are funny! I laughed so hard at my frosting fail. I laughed even harder when I sliced it and got covered in strawberry sugar.

So if you read my blog and you like my recipes, don’t be afraid to experiment! I do it all the time. And even mistakes can still be eaten most of the time! And if they  can’t be eaten, you can laugh at them. Just don’t share the recipe!

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