Cajun Zucchini (Grilled)

I could eat zucchini all summer long. Its such a versatile vegetable and you can literally make anything with it. Noodles, brownies, lasagna, quiche, and that is just the tip of the zucchini iceberg. I decided I wanted to try something new with zucchini, so I decided to use my spice weasel and knock it up another notch. This is my Cajun take on grilled zucchini.

RECIPE:  Cajun Zucchini
Makes 3 Servings

Cutting Board

Avocado Oil
Cajun Spice Mix

1) Pour a bit of oil on the bottom of your dish.
2) Thinly slice zucchini.
3) Layer zucchini in the dish and sprinkle heavily with Cajun spice between each layer.
4) Top with a touch more oil and let the zucchini marinate for a bit. IMG_1522
5) Heat your grill. Once hot, lay out your zucchini.
6) Let it cook, flip once, let it cook, and remove. The zucchini should have clear grill marks on them.
7) Serve hot with rice and grilled chicken.



If you have extra marinade, pour it over the rice for some extra flavor.

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