Garbage, I mean Covered Potatoes

Have you been to a county fair where they sell garbage fries? Its just a plate of heart attack waiting to happen, a dish that spikes your cholesterol and blood pressure to the roof. Its a serving of greasy fries topped with meat, cheese, peppers, onions, more cheese, and salt. They are the cure to every hangover and unbelievably delicious.

As much as I would love to eat garbage fries on a weekly or nightly basis, I know that I can’t. Have to be somewhat healthy and all, you know with a well rounded diet. This lunch was my attempt to create a healthier version of garbage fries.

RECIPE:  Covered Potatoes 
Makes 2 Servings

Cutting Board
Cast Iron Pan

Malt Vinegar
14 oz Potatoes
Crushed Tomatoes
Cheddar Cheese
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Fresh Basil

IMG_14111) Slice potatoes and throw them into a cast iron pan. Cover with a lid.
2) Dice onions and fresh basil. Thinly slice cheddar cheese.
3) Pour a bit of malt vinegar into the potatoes when they are half done and cover. Let the malt vinegar steam into all the potatoes.
4) When the potatoes are done, place on a platter.

5) In hot cast iron, pour in crushed tomatoes so it sizzles and goes into almost instant boil. Season quickly with garlic and onion powders and  dash of cayenne pepper. Pour over potatoes.
6) Add cheese and onions on top of tomatoes. Sprinkle basil over everything.
7) Serve hot and delicious. IMG_1417A classier version of a fair favorite.

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