Veggie Chili

Chili is a classic rainy day meal. It just coats your ribs and makes every part of you feel warm. This recipe is not a traditional chili. This is not an exceptional chili. Heck, it’s not even a fancy chili. This recipe is the epitome of a quick and easy chili that is good enough to satisfy a craving. The smell was enough to even lure Louis out from under

I will have to post my classic chili recipe at some point, but that is a low and slow recipe. It requires a weekend or a “sick” day from work. My veggie chili can be made quickly, which is great for after work. Also, if you skip the cheese on top then this recipe is vegan!

RECIPE:  Veggie Chili
Makes 4 Bowls

Cutting Board
Cast Iron Pan

Crushed Tomatoes
Hot Peppers
Pinto Beans
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Black Pepper
Hot Pepper Flakes

1) Chop hot peppers and garlic. Toss into a cast iron pan.
2) Chop the zucchini into manageable chunks. Add to the cast iron pan. IMG_1399
3) Stir and let the garlic, hot peppers, and zucchini cook together.
4) Add half a can of crushed tomatoes to the pan. Season with chili powder, onion powder (cause I am out of onions, how does that happen?), paprika, salt, black pepper, and hot pepper flakes.
5) Add a can of pinto beans, stirring to ensure that its evenly seasoned. Be sure to sniff, taste, and adjust spice as needed.
6) Cover and let cook until all the flavors meld together, usually 15 minutes or more.
7) Thinly slice the cheese of your choice to top your bowl of chili. Swiss and cheddar cheeses work, but pepper jack cheese is my favorite!

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