Green Vegetable Frittata

Some days I crave vegetables. Not a side of vegetables, but a meal filled to the brim with a variety of vegetables. The heat has lessened my appetite, but not my craving. To me, the frittata is the quiche’s cousin. They both are a mixture of eggs, and filling (meat, cheese, vegetable, or combination there of). While I love quiche, with or without crust, they take a while to bake. A hot oven was a no no with the temperature reaching the upper 90’s. A frittata can be made on the stove and finished quickly under a broiler, aka…minimal heat released. Here is my recipe for green vegetable fritatta.

RECIPE:  Green Vegetable Frittata
Makes 3 Servings

Cast Iron Pan
Cutting Board
Oven set to Broil on High

5 Eggs
Half a Green Pepper
1 Small Zucchini
2 Scallions
4 Garlic Scapes
1 oz Pepper Jack Cheese
1)  Chop vegetables and saute over medium heat until slightly softened. Season with salt and pepper.
2) Chop or shred the cheese finely.
3) In a bowl, use a fork or whisk to mix together the eggs, a dash of milk, cheese, and rosemary.
4) Pour vegetables into egg mixture and give it a quick stir. IMG_1303
5) Butter the bottom of the cast iron pan.
6) Pour eggs and vegetable mixture into cast iron pan and cover.
7) When eggs have set except for the very top, move pan under the broiler until the top also sets.
8) Serve warm as is, or with hot sauce or ketchup.


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