Cook Out: How recipes are scalable

Being only two of us, the majority of the recipes I post are for two servings. This does not mean that you can’t scale them up for larger meals. This post is just a simple reminder that anything you make at home for two, can also be used for a cookout for 14 or more.

IMG_1214To scale up our basic burger recipe, we ground 3.5 pounds of beef with 1 pound of bacon. That’s 4.5 pounds of ground beef sitting in two different mixing bowls on the counter, because that’s a lot of beef. When you make those into 5 oz patties, you end with 14 beautiful looking burgers.

The trick to carrying that many burgers from kitchen to grill so to layer them on a serving place with wax paper in between each layer. If you put wax paper down between the plate and the patties, you can then reuse the plate for the cooked burgers.

For buns, you will want to make a double batch. Also, where you can make these right before dinner normally, i suggest making these 2 hours in advance, so they have an hour to completely cool. Serve them in a basket lined with a cloth napkin and topped with a cloth napkin to keep the bugs off of them, and a knife on the side to slice them open. If you pre-slice the buns you run the risk of them drying out. IMG_1224

We made two sauces to go with the burgers; our sriracha mayo and our so saucy mix. To keep our condiments out of the food safety danger zone, they were prepped in glass jars with lids. The jars and other condiments (Mustard, ketchup, pickles) are then put inside a cooler with frozen ice packs. This keeps them accessible at the cookout, but thoroughly chilled as well.

What else was at the cookout? Our neighbors came prepared with homemade guacamole, tortilla chips, potato chips, margaritas, fruit salad, watermelon, potato salad, chicken, and corn. No one went hungry.

They all raved about how awesome the burgers were. Actually they were so good,  they convinced two neighbors to buy their own meat grinders.

So what did you learn from this post? Don’t be afraid to scale your recipes up! If you like what you make, odds are other people will want to try it too!


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