Stove Top Enchiladas

It was too warm to turn on the oven. Heck, it was too hot out to even turn on the stove but we were craving enchiladas. Sometimes you have to deal with the heat to reap the rewards of the kitchen, other times you create a cheat to help you meet your needs while staying cool. Here is my recipe for stove top enchiladas.

RECIPE: Stove Top Enchiladas
Makes 2 Servings 

Cast Iron Pan
Cutting Board

2 Medium Tortillas
1 Cup Black Beans
Green Enchilada Sauce
2 Oz Pepper Jack Cheese
1 Green Pepper
Hot Sauce optional

Chop green peppers and saute in cast iron pan with sauce.
2) Cut tortillas in half and fill with a 1/4 cup black beans, and green pepper. Wrap tortillas around filling. Sprinkle extra green peppers on top.
3) Place filled tortillas in cast iron pan. Pour over with enchilada sauce and top with pepper jack cheese.
4)  Cover and let cook until the cheese melts.
5) Serve warm. Warning these do not look pretty. If you are having guests, do regular enchiladas in the oven. If you want enchiladas and its too hot for ovens, then do my stove top version.


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